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Harnessing POWER to Transform
Water – from the power and strength seen in an ocean’s ability to crash waves against the shore, to the calming, meditative effects of ripples on lakes and the flowing movements of streams, water is restorative and transformative. Water is also, quite literally, a significant part of who we are. And I believe that similar to water, we share the capacity to restore, generate, and transform.
Whether dealing with issues big or small, I work with my clients to build insight, identify the obstacles that are keeping them from moving forward, and support them in harnessing the power they require to navigate towards the life they want to live. We all encounter turbulence in life and psychological counselling offers a dedicated space to work on what is important to you, building skills and an understanding that will lead to a better way of being.
As a Registered Psychologist, I work with individuals, couples, and families addressing a wide range of topics, from anxiety and depression to life transitions, sex therapy, sexuality, healthy relationships, grief and loss, issues related to abuse, and wellness. By keeping the client at the centre of my therapeutic approach, I strive to meet the unique needs of the individual and support them in identifying and maximizing their potential.
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